Votive Offerings No.s 51- 73

This is a continuation of the ‘Votive Offerings’ project. Begun in 2013, the artist has been making and leaving posies of wild flowers around Scotland. She paints these posies to scale in her studio.

(See ‘Votive Offerings No.’s 1-50’ for more information about this project.)

Votive Offerings No.’s 51-73 include winter and early spring posies made with seed heads, dead grasses and rosehips tied with Ivy, also Snowdrops, Chestnut buds, Hawthorne blossom, Celandine and Wood Anemone..

‘Votive Offering No. 62’ is a bouquet of wild poisonous flowers including Foxgloves, Honeysuckle, Hemlock and Ragwort. These posies were all made in rural Fife, Scotland.

Some paintings are oils on fine linen, others are pencil or watercolour on paper.

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