Flowers have been a central subject in my work since 2003, depicting them in different ways and contexts through painting, drawing, mixed media and installation.



‘Deep in their roots all flowers hold the light’

Theodore Roethke

‘Votive Offerings’ has been my main body of work since 2014, it is a series of portrayals of wild flower posies I have made and left around Scotland, and further afield. The work explores the motif of the posy as gift, prayer or message, as well as the poetics of the act of making and leaving the posies in different environments or locations. The flower posies as a Votive Offering are ephemeral in themselves, quickly wilting and dying, but the portrayal of them renders them more permanent.

‘Plants, Medicine and Magic’ is my most recent project that I am developing, begun initially through a collaboration with the National Trust Scotland at Falkland Palace and their head gardener who is allowing me access to their Physic Garden. Through my current research here and elsewhere I am developing a new body of work exploring this theme. More info on my blog.

I am based at my unusual studio on Platform 2, Ladybank Railway Station in Fife. Ladybank Station is a still functioning station on the line from Edinburgh to Dundee. Built c.1850 they used to be the old station restaurant which I renovated to create the studio in 2009.

I studied at Goldsmiths College, London 1989-92.
Kirsty Lorenz in her studio

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