Votive Offerings – BALMERINO WOODS

A continuation of ‘Votive Offerings’, an ongoing project begun in 2013, these works are a series of paintings of posies made from wild flowers gathered at Balmerino Woods, Fife, in early Spring. The woods are on the firth of the River Tay, opposite Dundee have beautiful jewel-like early spring flowers of Celandine, Wood Anemone, Hawthorne blossom etc.

Balmerino had a  Cistercian monastic community founded in aprox 1227 by monks from Melrose Abbey, It still had approximately 20 monks at the beginning of the sixteenth century, but declined in that century. This inspired the use of strong blues and gold in some of these works.


These paintings are created with Watercolour, Acrylic, Gouache and Graphite, on paper.

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