Cupar Arts Festival is on until 25th June. It includes a diverse range of very interesting contemporary art installations in non-art settings that are wonderful to see in our local market town. They include local, Scottish, British and international artists such as Kate Downie, Cynthia Dinan Mitchell, Charles Avery, Chad McCail, Juliana Capes, Jenny Smith and many more,. I am very pleased to have my drawing ‘Votive Offering No. 61’ included in their drawing exhibition ‘Liminal’ in the County Buildings.

This is ‘Votive Offering No.61’, pencil on paper, 70x50cm. This is a drawing of a posy I made in Balmerino Woods, Fife in early March, in between winter and spring, including early Hawthorne blossom, a twig of budding Chestnut and seedheads. It is included in the drawing exhibition that is part Cupar Arts Festival on the theme of ‘Liminal’.