Votive Offerings – ‘GLORY’

A continuation of ‘Votive Offerings’, a project begun in 2013, the ‘Glory’ paintings are a series of giant votives, large scale oil paintings on linen, depicting posies of wild Scottish flowers made (and left) around Scotland.

Flowers depicted include Cowslip, Forget-me-not, Wild Strawberry, Apple Blossom, White Campion, Wild Garlic, Horsetail, etc. all quite small scale in nature. The large scale depictions of them and the gold, silver and copper backgrounds celebrate their beauty, detail and preciousness.

Votive Offering No.62 – A Bouquet of Wild Poison is a true to scale depiction of a bouquet composed of poisonous wild flowers gathered in Fife including Foxgloves, Ragwort, Hemlock and Honeysuckle tied with Ivy. It asks questions about the giver and receiver of the bouquet and the meaning of this gift. It was first exhibited at St.Andrews Museum in a group exhibition ‘Exquisite Corpse’ curated by The Society of Scottish Artists.

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