New Votive Offerings

My obsession with making and painting posies of flowers and plants continues.

‘Votive Offerings’ began as an installation of a series of 50 paintings of wild flower posies made and left around Scotland that I exhibited in 2015 with the Society of Scottish Artists. Since then it has evolved to include fruit and vegetable flowers and herbalist plants, you can see the many variations in my Archive.

The project explores the motif and act of making the posy, the turning of something ephemeral into something permanent, the notion of a gift or a prayer. Votive Offering’s were and are considered to be a gift to a god, either in prayer or as thanks.

Here you can some of my most recent ‘Votive Offerings’ paintings. These are all life-size portrayals of the flowers tied with grass or clover, the smaller ones were made for the Artist Support Pledge during lockdown.

”It is significant that ‘posy’ itself derives from ‘poetry’, so the idea of structure, composition and a concentration of meaning are also present.” Giles Sutherland on ‘Votive Offerings’, 4* review of solo exhibition ‘Floresce’, The Times



Votive Offerings - 73

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