Forthcoming Solo Exhibition

‘Recipe for a Miracle’
New Botanical-based paintings by Kirsty Lorenz

Saturday 27th August – Saturday 1st October 2022
Open Tues to Saturday 10am – 5pm

Gracefield Art Centre , 28 Edinburgh Rd, Dumfries DG1 1JQ

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I am a Scottish artist inspired by nature, particularly flowers and plants, a subject both resilient and profoundly fragile. Making art is my way of praying for its future, of loving it, of thanking it, of being connected.

By combining accuracy of detail with poetic representation and a conceptual background I aim to explore deeper themes. My work is informed by research and observation. Research has included visiting The British Museum to view the work of Victorian botanical artist Mary Delany, Kew Gardens Library and Archive and The Linnean Society to immerse myself in 15th and 16th century herbal illustrations, and to the Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh to study exotic plant samples.

The latest from the blog

The Holly and the Ivy

The Holly and the Ivy

Votive Offering - Holly and the Ivy(for protection, love and endurance)Holly, showing life even in the depths of winter, is a protective plant. In classical times Holly protected houses either as a bough above a door or planted around the house, the spiny leaves...

Winter Exhibitions 2020

Winter Exhibitions 2020

I'm very pleased to have artworks in a number of winter/christmas exhibitions, please click on the links for more information: Firstly, 'Bring in the light', Tatha Gallery, Fife, where they are showing my 'Poesis' painting series including the one below, 'Votive...

Short Film Open Studios 2020

Short Film Open Studios 2020

Delighted to present this short film to accompany this years 'Virtual Open Studio', a very short introduction to my studio and my work. Huge thanks to my friend Lizzy Hobbs who put it together for me incredibly quickly, truly a miracle that she managed to turn my...

Giles Sutherland, The Times

‘Lorenz has moved the traditional depiction of flowers away from the twee, decorative, the domestic and aesthetically conservative, on to a more complex and ultimately satisfying level.

‘Her work transcends the ordinary and communicates an experience of nature on a higher, even spiritual level.’

Catherine Coyle, Homes and Interiors Scotland

‘Kirsty Lorenz’s floral paintings do so much more than simply record the beauty of nature’

‘Lorenz paints with a mix of accuracy and poetic representation that elevates the work beyond photorealism, allowing her to explore deeper themes.’