Votive Offerings – PRAYER

A continuation of ‘Votive Offerings’, an ongoing project begun in 2013, this work is a gallery installation combining printed textiles, photography and sound. Inspired by Tibetan prayer flags which are traditionally used to promote peace, wisdom, compassion, and strength. I had fabric printed with my first 50 votive posies and then made this into 23m of Prayer flags. Each of the 50 flags has a different wild flower posy on it.

I stitched two lines from a Celtic prayer onto both the ends of the flags:

 ‘May green be the grass you walk on.’ and

‘May the skies be blue above you’.

Installing the flags in local Fife woodlands I worked with a Sound Engineer, Graham Deas, to recorded a binaural soundscape of birds, flies, etc combined with the noise of passing trains.

The artwork in a gallery setting combines the hanging of the flags, the presentation of the woodland scene and the Soundscape. It hints at the tension between man and nature and offers a prayer for the future of the environment.

Please click on the blue play button to hear the sound work above, or click on an image to enlarge and scroll through the gallery below.